Why Depression Matters ?

According to the World Health Organization (WHO), depression affects more than 350 million people globally. It is one of the most common mental illness with no single cause known. People suffering from depression generally exhibit symptoms such as persistent sadness and feelings of emptiness.  In fact, it is reported that the economic burden of depression reaches as much as $250 billion per year. This burden is majorly caused by the loss of work productivity, making it the leading cause of disability worldwide.


Although the cause of depression varies between individuals, socio-economic status has been found to be a major risk factor. Indeed, an increase in socio-economic status drastically reduces the cases of depression. According to a survey done by Nielson, the majority (46%) of Indonesian population have low socio-economic status. This may result in a higher risk of the Indonesian population to suffer from depression.

Indonesia’s lack of education in mental health worsens the impact of the unawareness of depression.
Unawareness leads to misconception and stigma surrounding depression, contributing to reluctance to seek help.


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