Ribbon Run Indonesia

Ribbon Run is a 5K Charity Fun Run held by i3L’s (Indonesia International Institute for Life Sciences) Student Council. We hope to raise awareness, change perceptions, and create a lasting impact to various causes that are prevalent but often misunderstood by the public. This year’s theme is about depression. It will be held in:

The Breeze, BSD City
Sunday, September 9, 2018

All profits will be donated to our organization partner (Into The Light). This event includes music/entertaining Performance(s), Food Bazaar (Sunday Market), Door Prize Giveaway, and other fun activities.

Our Philosophy:

We MOVE to entice public’s awareness to our cause and invite them to join our movement. We PROVE our movement on the issue through long mission of engagement through social media as platform and ultimately leads to the running event. By the combined efforts of MOVE and PROVE, we will IMPROVE public’s awareness on the issue we are raising while supporting those affected through the funds we raised throughout the event.